Steen Does Double Duty

I took the good camera to the barn today. The phones are great and all, but sometimes it’s good to get some nicer shots. (see more photos on Brian’s post about today) Upon arrival we first checked Bear’s temp. He was 99.6°, which made us happy. Our plan for the day was for Brian to… Read more »


Robin had a great ride on Laredo Sunday.  After her energetic and surprisingly good ride on Zoey, she found Laredo decidedly lacking in the try department.  She had already decided to try him in the snaffle again, and she was happy she did.  It allowed her to correct and encourage him in a way that… Read more »

Doing Better

Brian drove out to the barn first thing this morning. He took Bear’s temperature and was happy to discover it was back down to normal. He also checked on new girl’s butt, and although he didn’t get super close to her, he could tell it had stayed closed in the night. Two very good things.… Read more »

One Year Later

We’ve now had Laredo for exactly one year. At times it has been rough, but it has also been extremely educational. In that time we’ve gotten over the ear issue, had a few bucks and runaways, taught him how to lope some circles, and become close enough that he will sometimes run to us in… Read more »

A Long One

Brian wanted to check in with Bear today, since he seemed a little sore during our last ride. So we decided I would ride Steen and Brian would ride Bear first and Laredo second, so we brought them all in from the pasture to get them ready to go. I groomed one side of Laredo… Read more »

An Adult!

I had to ride Bear today as it was his 18th birthday.  I was hoping I could write about our awesome ride and how good he was and young he still seems, but I can’t.  He was kind of stiff and antsy.  I spent most of the ride trying to figure out if he was… Read more »

Birthday Season

Like most horses, all of our guys were born in the late spring/early summer. Bear’s birthday is the earliest, and today he turned 18. He does pretty darn well for his age. Other than being slightly more prone to getting stiff and sore than our other two, he really doesn’t seem like he’s in his… Read more »