short serpentine

Birthday Season

Like most horses, all of our guys were born in the late spring/early summer. Bear’s birthday is the earliest, and today he turned 18. He does pretty darn well for his age. Other than being slightly more prone to getting stiff and sore than our other two, he really doesn’t seem like he’s in his… Read more »

Out in the Sun

Today was sunny and in the 50s! We seized the opportunity to ride outside. It was great to be back on the strip. I rode Steen, and he was full of energy from the start. For the most part, he wasn’t misbehaving, but it was one of those days I could have pointed him at… Read more »


It was with some relief I haltered Steen today and tacked him up. It’s going to be an interesting challenge for me these next few months. Steen seems to be hitting some kind of stride lately. Every ride I think things are fantastic, and then the next ride they are better. It’s a hard act… Read more »

Haunch Magic

I’ve decided there are three things I need to refine with Steen before we go back into the hackamore. These are: short-serpentines whirly-gigs lope transitions We’ve got a really good handle on the first two. In fact today we were pretty much nailing those every time I asked. So we spent a lot of the… Read more »

Dun Rusty

Today we decided it was high time to get back on Laredo. Sure, we still have some ear stuff to work through, but our few intense sessions had a big impact. Lately it almost seems like his reaction to stuff around his head is more of a habit than a real issue. He “forgets” to… Read more »