One Year Later

We’ve now had Laredo for exactly one year. At times it has been rough, but it has also been extremely educational. In that time we’ve gotten over the ear issue, had a few bucks and runaways, taught him how to lope some circles, and become close enough that he will sometimes run to us in… Read more »

Not Immune

I got the sickness.  Sunday afternoon, after my great rides, I could feel it coming on.  Then I missed a few days at work and was a little too weak to get to the barn on the other days. Thankfully Friday I was feeling a little better.  And the weather was really nice.  I didn’t… Read more »

One Year Anniversary

Yesterday Bear and I celebrated our one year anniversary.  Like most things measured in years, it went by both fast and slow.  We also had our ups and our downs (figuratively and literally).  But it has been really fun getting to know him better and better. When I brought him home a year ago he… Read more »