In the Snaffle

Although in general I’m finding myself feeling an increasing preference for the hackamore, I decided to start Piper in the snaffle. My main reason for this is I don’t know how long we’ll keep her. From a versatility perspective, the snaffle is more practical. Also, since we’re not thinking of her as a horse we… Read more »


Like so much of the country, we are experiencing some pretty crazy temps.  I’ve made it out to the barn the past three days, though, and I’m happy to say our four are doing quite well. The big cold was rolling in Sunday evening, so I went out to check everything late that afternoon.  It… Read more »

A Snaffle and a Rope

One of my long-term horsemanship goals is to get handy with a rope. This is partly because I think it would be neat to work with cattle in the future, but also because using a rope adds a whole extra level of sophistication to your riding. When I watch riders who not only have perfect… Read more »


Robin had a great ride on Laredo Sunday.  After her energetic and surprisingly good ride on Zoey, she found Laredo decidedly lacking in the try department.  She had already decided to try him in the snaffle again, and she was happy she did.  It allowed her to correct and encourage him in a way that… Read more »

Long Weekend

Robin has some better summaries here and here.  I don’t really feel up to writing about all of it.  We are pretty excited to have our new horse, but that first day was really packed.  I was excited Robin had a great ride on her. Unfortunately, Bear was not doing so great for our ride. … Read more »