Doing Better

Brian drove out to the barn first thing this morning. He took Bear’s temperature and was happy to discover it was back down to normal. He also checked on new girl’s butt, and although he didn’t get super close to her, he could tell it had stayed closed in the night. Two very good things.… Read more »

A Long One

Brian wanted to check in with Bear today, since he seemed a little sore during our last ride. So we decided I would ride Steen and Brian would ride Bear first and Laredo second, so we brought them all in from the pasture to get them ready to go. I groomed one side of Laredo… Read more »

Remedial Right Turns

Today I was happy to put Steen’s halter on and lead him in. As much as I had a great ride on Laredo yesterday, my comfort level with Steen at this point is like nothing I’ve ever experienced with another horse. All his movements and behaviors are so familiar, being around him feels completely natural. Out on… Read more »

A Little More Life

The weather has been beautiful lately, and we’ve had several good hard rains. The pastures have recovered from the drought to an extent that surprises me, and it is has been so nice to spend the days out at the barn and not get home feeling scorched. Today we spent the morning over at Catalpa… Read more »