A Ride in Thirds

I forgot to mention last post that Steen kicked himself during our unplanned gallop and split open his heel. It was bleeding a lot when we got back to the barn, and I hosed it off and packed it with Neosporin. The bleeding stopped quickly after that and I wasn’t too worried about. Still, I… Read more »

Squishy Ground

I was curious to see how Laredo would be for me today after his long, somewhat difficult ride with Brian yesterday. I expected him to be tired, so was pleasantly surprised when I got on and that was not the case. He was soft to the hackamore and moving out nicely from the start. My… Read more »


We had so much fun on yesterday’s ride we decided to more or less repeat it today.  It has been too long since we got out and about, so doing the same thing over again was not a drag at all. I had ridden Bear a few times in a row, so it was my… Read more »

Spring Break!

I had a work trip to Minneapolis earlier this week, but other than that I’ve taken some days off work because it is spring break.  The weather has been nothing like spring break.  We’ve had rain and snow and single digit temps and some crazy wind that felt right out of Canada. So when today… Read more »

Frigid March

Today the farrier was out, so there were a bunch of people at the barn to get their horses feet done. Brian and I got there early to fit in a ride before it was our turn. I rode Steen. It was a super cold morning, and he was riled up and snorty when we… Read more »

Steen Weekend

We may have gone over to a friend’s house for dinner last night and accidentally consumed a little too much wine. As a result, we weren’t up and out of the house at the crack of dawn today. And of course, daylight saving’s time stole an hour of our night on top of everything else.… Read more »

Warm and Loose

Again we trudged out to the pasture in a steady rain.  It continued to rain on and off through the night, and I was happy we put the blanket on yesterday.  I found him tucked up to the bale munching on some hay.  He seemed happy to see me, as he probably knew I was… Read more »