The Summer Groove

Summer seems to be finally here in earnest. I got out to the barn multiple times during the week (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.) Which was good because it means Aiden didn’t get the whole week off. ┬áNo, of course I am not looking at my phone while sitting on a horse I’ve owned less than… Read more »

All Grown Up (Kind Of)

Laredo has been feeling a lot more mature lately. With his 4th birthday just around the corner, we’ve now owned him almost a quarter of his life. It’s evident in all the little things. He is quiet now, familiar with our routine around the barn. Today, for the first time, I took my leather halter… Read more »


The sun was out today, and we waited for things to really warm up before heading out to the barn. Our plan was to do a double ride, starting with me on Laredo and Brian on Steen, then switching to me riding Steen and Brian riding Bear. We planned to do the first ride on… Read more »

A Tiny Outing

Today the sun was out, and although it was not exactly warm it felt like spring.  Steen is shedding in earnest now. He was warm under his blanket. Hopefully he can go naked before much longer. We were indoors for most of the ride. I started out working on figure eights with no hands. It… Read more »

Busy Weekend

We had a lot to get done this weekend, largely of the “preparing for the holidays” variety. Saturday was dreary and rainy. It was pretty much wet all day, and instead of going to the barn we got copious amounts of very “responsible adult” types things done, like cleaning the house, and finishing our Christmas… Read more »