Sick Week

It figures that just as the weather turns awesome I would catch a cold. I spent the week pretty much not functional. On Friday, I finally dragged myself out to the barn and rode Steen during Brian’s lesson. Which mostly means I sat there watching while Brian taught. Brian’s student, K, rode Oliver. We thought… Read more »

My Summer String

We’ve been in a pretty good rhythm with the horses. Work’s been busy for me, so I haven’t been getting out a lot during the week, but we’ve been getting really great weekend rides. I’ve been focusing on Steen and Aiden. Aiden seems sound now, so I’ve been working on just getting into a good… Read more »

Out of Shape

Since I fell off Bear almost eight weeks ago neither one of us has been in great shape.  I have been able to keep my riding up pretty well, so Bear still got out for some nice walk/trot rides, but we haven’t been doing much more than that.  I’ve also been feeling somewhat stale from… Read more »