Just One

It stormed in the night. The area around the barn was soaked and soggy, and there were more patchy storms that had the potential to hit us. With Zoey, we were again confined to the indoor. On the bright side, Zoey came to meet us in the pasture today, was scared off by Laredo pinning… Read more »

Groundwork Day

Thursday is Brian’s late day at work right now, so I was on solo barn duty today. I had a weird, busy schedule with a lot to get done and a few things that had to happen at specific times. I also had to swing by the vet’s to pick up phase two of Bear’s… Read more »

Dun Rusty

Today we decided it was high time to get back on Laredo. Sure, we still have some ear stuff to work through, but our few intense sessions had a big impact. Lately it almost seems like his reaction to stuff around his head is more of a habit than a real issue. He “forgets” to… Read more »