One Armed Ride

Today I woke up pretty stiff. I’ve been trying to piece together how exactly I hit the ground. Since I had no warning and didn’t actually leave the saddle before impact, it’s surprisingly difficult to piece together what happened and where my injuries are. I think I sprawled with one arm above my head. I… Read more »

New Territory

We got a bunch of rain in the night, so today the ground was pretty soggy everywhere we ride, but the sun was up and shining and we didn’t want to stay inside. We decided to hit the trails. I rode Steen and Brian rode Bear. We headed South and East after leaving the barn.… Read more »

An Adult!

I had to ride Bear today as it was his 18th birthday.  I was hoping I could write about our awesome ride and how good he was and young he still seems, but I can’t.  He was kind of stiff and antsy.  I spent most of the ride trying to figure out if he was… Read more »

Indoors Is Not So Bad

We spend so much of the year trying to get outside.  Last year the spring and fall were so mild we were hardly inside at all.  On a few occasions we even rode inside just to do it. Now that the weather is truly wintery (albeit still mild), I’m not minding the indoor arena at… Read more »

Two Laid Up Horses

It hasn’t been the greatest little stretch with the guys. We headed out for a ride on Friday, only to discover once we got to the strip that Bear’s back was sore and Laredo was showing signs of lameness. Brian had been going to ride Laredo, and he noticed the problem during groundwork. I watched… Read more »

The Mid-Week Rides

This week was warm, dry, and sunny, and I got out to the barn everyday except Thursday.  On Monday we spent so much time with Steen we didn’t end up riding, but I got some nice rides on Bear the other days. Tuesday was a fun ride.  We played cow again with Robin on Laredo. … Read more »

Laredo Arrives

Since we were out of town all weekend, we had to wait until Monday for our horse delivery. We’ve decided to call him Laredo. We headed out to the barn right after work, mostly to distract ourselves from the excitement. We rode on the strip. Brian read an article about using a cut-out pad backwards… Read more »