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Breaking Records

Typically for us, January is a month of not much riding. It’s always cold. The new year always seems to come with a rush of work. It seems like a good time to hunker down with a throw blanket and a cup of tea. But today Brian and I both felt we could use an… Read more »

Doing Better

Brian drove out to the barn first thing this morning. He took Bear’s temperature and was happy to discover it was back down to normal. He also checked on new girl’s butt, and although he didn’t get super close to her, he could tell it had stayed closed in the night. Two very good things.… Read more »

Just The Bear and I

Robin has been extremely busy with work this year, and that has cut down on some of our mid-week rides.  But today I felt determined to get out there.  Robin stayed home to work, so it was just Bear and I. We also had the barn to ourselves for most of the afternoon.  So I… Read more »

Steen the Energized

My last few rides on Steen, he has an unbelievable amount of energy. The weather has been blech, and as a result the pasture is a combo swamp/ice rink. Whenever it gets really bad out there, we tend to turn the horses out in the indoor arena for a few minutes after we bring them… Read more »

A Little Show

Well, 2013 is still a bit slim on the saddle hours. We’ve had rotten weather and my work-load continues to be rather heavier than is ideal. But, today we went by a show that some of our barn peeps were riding in to watch the competition. I am not very into the show world and… Read more »