The Kid Turns Four

Yesterday as we rode in off the trail with the sun shining, I was envisioning a wondrous three day weekend of double ride days. Instead we woke up this morning to thunder and heavy rain, not to mention unseasonably cool temps. We waited. The rain didn’t stop. We checked the radar. One storm rolled out… Read more »

An Adult!

I had to ride Bear today as it was his 18th birthday.  I was hoping I could write about our awesome ride and how good he was and young he still seems, but I can’t.  He was kind of stiff and antsy.  I spent most of the ride trying to figure out if he was… Read more »


We got out to the barn nice and early this morning.  It was still wet, soggy, and cold, but the wind was blowing hard and it was supposed to warm up.  In the mucky lot, Bear came up to me right away.  Again, Laredo was not too keen on hanging out with us.  He started… Read more »

Sunny Strip Ride

Today we rode on the strip. It was great to tack up outside and ride outside and feel warm the whole time. We’re still way below average temps for this time of year, but at least we’re getting some days that it feels nice to be outside. I rode Laredo. I continued with my focus… Read more »