Novels for Horse Lovers

There's something a little magical about the Tipped Z Ranch. It's a place of tradition and horsemanship where stories about family, friendship, and love unfurl amidst cactus, cattle, and ranch dogs.
A Man Who Rides - Stefani Wilder

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A heart-warming contemporary love story for anyone with a soft spot for horses.

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A Man Who Starts - Stefani Wilder

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A feel-good story about horses and ranching, friendship and family.

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A Man Who Heals - Stefani Wilder

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A charming modern tale about a cowboy who has given up horses and the introverted girl who helps get him back in the saddle.

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Vaquera's Haven - Stefani Wilder

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The inspiring story of how a battered horse and an old dream help repair a shattered life.

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Vaquera's Bronc - Stefani Wilder

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When Emma brings home a mustang, she attracts the attention of the cowboy across the fence.

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How this series came to be

Set on a fictional working ranch in Tucson, Arizona, these novels came about because I (Robin) got tired of picking up books that were supposed to be about horses and finding them either inaccurate, sentimental, unrealistic, or all three. Add to that the fact that many stories that feature cowboys also often include indecisive women who can’t take care of themselves and it’s no wonder I hadn’t found a horse book to adore since I was a kid.

It was sort of a lark, at first. I decided to write a story that included real cowboys, actual horsemanship, and a female protagonist that didn’t make me cringe. I set it close to my own roots and populated it with scenes revolving around horses and the desert, many of which closely mirror my real life experience.

And so, the Tipped Z was born

With the book done, I released it under the pen name, Stefani Wilder. And (much to my surprise) it went over pretty well. So well, it seemed imprudent not to write more.

With four of them out now, I have stopped pretending these books aren’t mine. My tentative plan is to continue to produce in this genre at the pace of about one novel a year.

So who should read these books?

Personally, I feel anyone who likes horses, likes to read, and wouldn’t mind a break from real life and all its stresses would enjoy these books.

But if you’re not sure about picking them up, here’s a helpful FAQ:

Do the novels include horse-training tips?
Not tips, per-say, but each book definitely includes accurate, practical representations of the sorts of training and riding challenges that might come up on a real ranch.

Will I like them even if I don’t care a whole lot about horses?
I made a point to keep the horsemanship stuff accessible to all. If horses aren’t your thing, you can still enjoy the rest of the story.

Do I have to read the books in order?
Not necessarily. Each story stands alone, but time flows forward. Starting at the end would mean learning some things out of order.

Are the stories a little bit sentimental?
Each novel does include a love story arc. But they are NOT sappy. They are NOT hot and heavy. Think Pride and Prejudice rather than Fifty Shades of Gray.

Is Dots a Nevada Fuzzy?
She’s definitely something similarish. More on that here.

Oh come on, really? Who gets trapped by a flood in Arizona?
This legit happened to my parents IRL so …

When is the next one coming out?
I’m thinking some time in 2020 or 2021.

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