Piper’s Progress

We’ve been in a good riding pattern since we got back from South Dakota. It’s been fun getting to know K’s new horse a little, and the weather has been wonderful. We’ve changed our ride combos and gone back to riding Steen and Nevada together, then switching to Laredo and Piper. This is mostly because… Read more »

Rides Three and Four

All the horses got trimmed before we left for Texas, and our farrier confirmed what I thought – that Piper has really nice feet. She also behaved well for him, which was awesome because she was pretty uncertain with her feet when she came to us. I had worked on it a lot, but I… Read more »

Getting Started

Nevada has been at our place for about ten days now.  We were out of town for some of that, so I’ve only had a chance to work with her on four occasions.  She is proving to be a very sweet and willing little mare.  And like the few other young horses I have worked… Read more »


Like so much of the country, we are experiencing some pretty crazy temps.  I’ve made it out to the barn the past three days, though, and I’m happy to say our four are doing quite well. The big cold was rolling in Sunday evening, so I went out to check everything late that afternoon.  It… Read more »

The Farrier and the Flag

I meant to post about this a while ago, but somehow never got around to it. A couple weeks ago, the farrier came out. We needed all four horses trimmed, and Brian had to be at work, which meant I had to handle them all alone. It was cool and had been wet the day… Read more »

Doing What It Takes

We stopped at the barn on the way to Chicago today. It was still soggy, still overgrown. So we rode inside. But we had the place to ourselves. That makes a big difference. I rode Laredo. I started off with some groundwork with the flag. Brian and I have both been trying very  hard lately… Read more »

Groundwork Day

Thursday is Brian’s late day at work right now, so I was on solo barn duty today. I had a weird, busy schedule with a lot to get done and a few things that had to happen at specific times. I also had to swing by the vet’s to pick up phase two of Bear’s… Read more »

Saturday Swap

It rained all day Friday, so we didn’t ride. We were supposed to get more rain today, but it was dry in the morning. We decided to head to the barn before things could get worse. The bales are a little low, and we found the herd rather chilly and unhappy. I planned to bring… Read more »