Just The Bear and I

Robin has been extremely busy with work this year, and that has cut down on some of our mid-week rides.  But today I felt determined to get out there.  Robin stayed home to work, so it was just Bear and I. We also had the barn to ourselves for most of the afternoon.  So I… Read more »

Cruisin on Laredo

We had our best ride together since sometime early in the fall.  After that I wasn’t riding him a lot due to Steen’s injury.  Then we had our couple of run-away moments just before the holidays (apparently I didn’t blog about the second one).  They were excellent learning experiences, but they definitely set my Laredo… Read more »

Feeling Good

Again we got out to the barn early in the morning.  And it was pretty cold.  This week it got really nice, but we were busy with work stuff.  So this morning’s 11 degrees felt pretty chilly. Thankfully the pasture has improved some.  It is still full of frozen lumps, but they are more rounded… Read more »

Frozen Pastures and Energetic Horses

After Thursday’s all day rain and yesterday’s cold temps, we found the guys safely tucked against the big bails.  The area surrounding the bails was the only solid footing in the whole pasture.  The rest was a mix of frozen lumps of ground and frozen puddles.  It was a slow, careful walk getting them out… Read more »

Stronger and Faster

I rode Laredo in the hackamore again today. I swapped out my mecate, though. I rode him in the one I usually leave on my snaffle set-up. The rope just looks so good with Laredo, I can’t resist riding him with it. (Yes, I can be that superficial about tack. :)) We had another great… Read more »

Steen the Energized

My last few rides on Steen, he has an unbelievable amount of energy. The weather has been blech, and as a result the pasture is a combo swamp/ice rink. Whenever it gets really bad out there, we tend to turn the horses out in the indoor arena for a few minutes after we bring them… Read more »

Some Catching Up

Trips to the barn have become more consistent, though the weekly volume is still not high.  We have been very consistent at trading off our Laredo rides.  This has gone a long way to getting him back into work and feeling good moving around in the indoor arena. I have also been making sure I… Read more »

A Little Show

Well, 2013 is still a bit slim on the saddle hours. We’ve had rotten weather and my work-load continues to be rather heavier than is ideal. But, today we went by a show that some of our barn peeps were riding in to watch the competition. I am not very into the show world and… Read more »