A Lag, and Mud

Early this week I let Steen go two days in a row without seeing me – something I had not yet done since I bought him. I could have gone on Monday, but I just didn’t feel like getting in the car and driving out there after work. I figure the whole point of having… Read more »


Yesterday after I got home from the gallery I had some web work to do, so I stayed at the house a little later than usual before heading out to the stable. As I have mentioned, the later I get there, the higher my chances of running into other people. Heather pulled in shortly after… Read more »

Changes, Small and Large

Yesterday I fetched Steen from the new pasture. He seemed very happy and relaxed when I walked up, not grazing, just standing there in knee-high grass. He didn’t make any fuss about following me in. I have figured out in the last week or so that part of his occasional balkiness had to do with… Read more »


Today Brian came with to the stable to hang out with Steen some more. He practiced leading Steen around the arena at both the walk and trot. They both did quite well, and it was very fun to get to stand back and watch Steen move. He’s just so pretty. Well, let’s be honest, they… Read more »

A Lope

The weather forecast predicted rain in the afternoon, so I headed for the stable this morning. Naturally, it started raining when I was about a quarter of a mile away. Luckily, this doesn’t matter since I can do everything I need to do inside, including riding, though I really hope to start using the outdoor… Read more »