New Year!

Got my first ride of the year in today.  It was super cold and snowy, but we had a pretty good time.  I rode Zoey, and she was happy to come in and was very relaxed.  But under saddle, she was a little more tense.  She had two spooks.  I have no idea what caused… Read more »

2013 Recap

Today is the last day of 2013, and I will not be spending any of it on horseback. So that means we get to do the official tally. Total saddle time in 2013 200 hours, 10 minutes Talk about barely squeaking over the finish line. This is the first year I came so close to… Read more »

Lessons and Visitors

I have apparently not quite settled back into consistent blogging mode, so another catch-up post it is. The end of September was busy. I had some sort of strange illness that mostly amounted to me feeling kind of bad but not horrible unless I tried to do something physically taxing, at which point I would… Read more »

A Long One

Brian wanted to check in with Bear today, since he seemed a little sore during our last ride. So we decided I would ride Steen and Brian would ride Bear first and Laredo second, so we brought them all in from the pasture to get them ready to go. I groomed one side of Laredo… Read more »

Just Me

Robin has been ill for almost a whole week.  We keep waking up thinking she’ll be feeling better, but nope.  Not so.  Today she really didn’t feel up to going to the barn, but she was happy to let me head out. We really ride together a lot.  We used to get more solo rides… Read more »

Busy Weekend

We had a lot to get done this weekend, largely of the “preparing for the holidays” variety. Saturday was dreary and rainy. It was pretty much wet all day, and instead of going to the barn we got copious amounts of very “responsible adult” types things done, like cleaning the house, and finishing our Christmas… Read more »