Birthday Season

Like most horses, all of our guys were born in the late spring/early summer. Bear’s birthday is the earliest, and today he turned 18. He does pretty darn well for his age. Other than being slightly more prone to getting stiff and sore than our other two, he really doesn’t seem like he’s in his… Read more »

Actually Warm

We were sweating getting the horses ready yesterday.  It felt pretty darn good, though I am somewhat disappointed that we seem to have gone from a late winter into summer.  I like those nice days in the high 60s.  Oh well. I rode Laredo today.  He was fun and full of energy, but I was… Read more »

Into Pressure?

Everything you learn about horses involves applying pressure in varying amounts in order to get a response.  And it works extremely well. That is until you get a horse who seeks the pressure.  This is an issue we’ve had with Laredo since we got him.  It does not come up all the time, and it… Read more »

Remedial Right Turns

Today I was happy to put Steen’s halter on and lead him in. As much as I had a great ride on Laredo yesterday, my comfort level with Steen at this point is like nothing I’ve ever experienced with another horse. All his movements and behaviors are so familiar, being around him feels completely natural. Out on… Read more »

Birthday Snow

Brian loves snow, and almost every year he seems to get at least a little on his birthday. Today we had a dusting, but not enough to clog up the roads. Lately we’ve been a bit concerned that Bear’s saddle might be causing the intermittent tightness he gets in his right side, so Brian and… Read more »

Pre-Vacation Ride

We stopped at the barn on our way out of town for a “quick” ride. I knew I should probably revert back to the snaffle and give myself a chance to learn a bit more about the hackamore, but when I saw the beautiful set-up hanging in my locker, I couldn’t resist. So I put… Read more »