Playing Cow

Taking What’s Offered

I thought I had a great ride on Nevada last Saturday, but Sunday’s left it in the dust. Nevada and I had the kind of day together that leaves me grinning the whole way home. In the outdoor arena, we got great work done at all three gaits, and also continued our work with lateral… Read more »


Robin had a great ride on Laredo Sunday.  After her energetic and surprisingly good ride on Zoey, she found Laredo decidedly lacking in the try department.  She had already decided to try him in the snaffle again, and she was happy she did.  It allowed her to correct and encourage him in a way that… Read more »

Three Blankets

Today was the epitome of miserable spring weather. We had a cold rain all day, and it was chilly, damp, and breezy. We headed for the barn as soon as Brian got home from work, knowing we’d find some pretty unhappy horses. They were all lined up against the wind block, heads down, butts to… Read more »