Not Immune

I got the sickness.  Sunday afternoon, after my great rides, I could feel it coming on.  Then I missed a few days at work and was a little too weak to get to the barn on the other days. Thankfully Friday I was feeling a little better.  And the weather was really nice.  I didn’t… Read more »

Five Years

I got completely taken out by a virus and was down for the count for about two weeks. My primary symptoms were weakness, lightheadedness and vertigo, so riding a horse was out of the question. However, today I was finally back to feeling good. Also, it was a special day. It was my 5th anniversary… Read more »

Just Me

Robin has been ill for almost a whole week.  We keep waking up thinking she’ll be feeling better, but nope.  Not so.  Today she really didn’t feel up to going to the barn, but she was happy to let me head out. We really ride together a lot.  We used to get more solo rides… Read more »

A Smooth Ride

We found the herd all wound up today. Laredo came walking right up to us initially but then got swept off with a group of passing horses, after which he decided not to come  back. We haven’t had to reinforce the idea that Laredo should come to us when we look at him for close… Read more »


We got out to the barn nice and early this morning.  It was still wet, soggy, and cold, but the wind was blowing hard and it was supposed to warm up.  In the mucky lot, Bear came up to me right away.  Again, Laredo was not too keen on hanging out with us.  He started… Read more »

A Friday at the Barn

We almost didn’t make it out to the barn today.  We had some good mid-week rides, and I’m often tired at the end of the week.  Plus it was cold and wet.  Again. But we rallied, and like always, I was happy we did.  I was even happy to be out when Laredo ran away… Read more »

Three Blankets

Today was the epitome of miserable spring weather. We had a cold rain all day, and it was chilly, damp, and breezy. We headed for the barn as soon as Brian got home from work, knowing we’d find some pretty unhappy horses. They were all lined up against the wind block, heads down, butts to… Read more »