Slimming Down

The title is not actually referencing me, or any of our horses. (Most of them are putting their winter ‘padding’ on, so are doing rather the opposite.) No, I’m actually talking about a bosal. Brian and I got our first hackamore two years ago. Brian gave it to me for my birthday, and neither of… Read more »

Steen Does Double Duty

I took the good camera to the barn today. The phones are great and all, but sometimes it’s good to get some nicer shots. (see more photos on Brian’s post about today) Upon arrival we first checked Bear’s temp. He was 99.6°, which made us happy. Our plan for the day was for Brian to… Read more »

Frigid March

Today the farrier was out, so there were a bunch of people at the barn to get their horses feet done. Brian and I got there early to fit in a ride before it was our turn. I rode Steen. It was a super cold morning, and he was riled up and snorty when we… Read more »

Feelin’ It

This was the day: Sunny and in the low 70s. Beautiful. It started with me attempting to familiarization myself and Steen with a rope. He was fine with it coiled. I could bang it all around his saddle and body. When I started swinging it around he wasn’t as cool with it, though I couldn’t tell if… Read more »

Remedial Right Turns

Today I was happy to put Steen’s halter on and lead him in. As much as I had a great ride on Laredo yesterday, my comfort level with Steen at this point is like nothing I’ve ever experienced with another horse. All his movements and behaviors are so familiar, being around him feels completely natural. Out on… Read more »