The sun was out today, and we waited for things to really warm up before heading out to the barn. Our plan was to do a double ride, starting with me on Laredo and Brian on Steen, then switching to me riding Steen and Brian riding Bear. We planned to do the first ride on… Read more »

Windy and Dry

It was not the most enticing weather today: bright but hazy, with crazy winds. But it was at least warm, and when we got to the barn we got to meet the new baby that arrived during the night. The mare, Jackie, has been unbelievably big for weeks. She seems a lot happier with her… Read more »

Bringing Back the Rope

It was another gorgeous day, and we decided to just head straight outside for the strip.  Since I have been doing a lot of work on Bear with the flag, I decided to take the rope back out and see how we could do with that.  When we used it a little last summer, he… Read more »

Sunny Strip Ride

Today we rode on the strip. It was great to tack up outside and ride outside and feel warm the whole time. We’re still way below average temps for this time of year, but at least we’re getting some days that it feels nice to be outside. I rode Laredo. I continued with my focus… Read more »

Keeping Going

The sun is getting stronger and the grasses are slowly coming up.  It is definitely making it a lot easier to get to the barn. I found Laredo snoozing in the sun.  It took a few smacks of the lead rope on my chinks to get him to wake up, but as soon as he… Read more »