Being Firm to Be Soft

The last month or so, Brian has been using Steen as a lesson horse. This is a little odd for me, because mostly I have not been around during his lessons. There is something distinctly strange about staying home while Brian heads off to the barn to hang out with someone else while that someone… Read more »

Doing What It Takes

We stopped at the barn on the way to Chicago today. It was still soggy, still overgrown. So we rode inside. But we had the place to ourselves. That makes a big difference. I rode Laredo. I started off with some groundwork with the flag. Brian and I have both been trying very  hard lately… Read more »

Steady Laredo

Robin and I were both tired heading out to the barn.  It was a cool and cloudy day; I’m sure that wasn’t helping. We did feel better once we got out there and grabbed our horses.  It is funny how steady and even Laredo feels after working with Zoey.  Not only have we known him… Read more »

A Smooth Ride

We found the herd all wound up today. Laredo came walking right up to us initially but then got swept off with a group of passing horses, after which he decided not to come  back. We haven’t had to reinforce the idea that Laredo should come to us when we look at him for close… Read more »