Rides Three and Four

All the horses got trimmed before we left for Texas, and our farrier confirmed what I thought – that Piper has really nice feet. She also behaved well for him, which was awesome because she was pretty uncertain with her feet when she came to us. I had worked on it a lot, but I… Read more »

Warm October

We’ve had an uncharacteristically balmy fall. While the horses did come off the pasture a couple weeks ago, we have yet to have a hard freeze. This is pretty unusual for this late in the season. I won’t complain about the mild temps. Unfortunately, work always really picks up for me this time of year,… Read more »

The First 100

2014 is the 4th year I’ve kept track of how much time I spend riding. In retrospect, I rather wish I’d kept records when I was younger. I’ve been riding for about 22 years. It was just weekly lessons until I got my first horse in 1994. After that, I definitely rode a lot. What… Read more »

Feet and Tails

Yesterday, Aiden got the day off. When Brian rode him on Monday, he seemed fatigued, and also stamped his feet when the cinch came up. We’ve been riding these guys really light, but there’s no getting around the fact that neither one of them has worn a saddle for years. Brian did a light ride… Read more »

The First Two Weeks

So far, 2014 has been… interesting. We’ve had crazy weather — temps lower than I really realized they could get in regions where things live, followed by warm stretches that have the horses sweating through their fuzzy coats. And my injuries from my tumble with Steen have been really slow to heal. Really slow. And… Read more »

The Farrier and the Flag

I meant to post about this a while ago, but somehow never got around to it. A couple weeks ago, the farrier came out. We needed all four horses trimmed, and Brian had to be at work, which meant I had to handle them all alone. It was cool and had been wet the day… Read more »

And the Heat Hits

It’s been a hot week, with heat index readings into the range where they recommend you be careful with your horses. The nights haven’t been cooling off, which means they don’t have a chance to recover from the brutal days. We’ve been taking it easy. Saturday It was Duke Day, and all our horses were… Read more »