Summer Riding

Robin posted a while ago about how amazing our July weather was.  It didn’t last.  The second half of the month was very hot, and we didn’t get quite as much riding in.  But now August is back to great temps.  We spent some really long days at the barn this weekend. Saturday’s ride ended… Read more »

Getting Out Alone

My introduction to horses started a little over five years ago with following Robin to the barn to watch her ride Steen.  From there I slowly learned a few things about grooming, tacking, groundwork, and later, riding.  My interest grew slowly for a few years, and eventually I ended up with my own horse.  My… Read more »

Just the Two of Us

As I said in the previous post, I felt a little bad with how I rode Bear.  I had to get out to the barn to get him the last of his meds and the first of his new supplement, so I figured I would make it up to him and have a nice, easy… Read more »

Just The Bear and I

Robin has been extremely busy with work this year, and that has cut down on some of our mid-week rides.  But today I felt determined to get out there.  Robin stayed home to work, so it was just Bear and I. We also had the barn to ourselves for most of the afternoon.  So I… Read more »

Moving Out

Bear and I have been enjoying the open spaces of fall.  We are still riding primarily on the strip, but with the soybean field nearby all mowed, it makes it easy to venture out a short ways or a medium long ways.  So I have taken to exploring on Bear a little more.  Just the… Read more »