Don’t Go on a Diet

I recently read an article that advised readers not to diet. The piece argued that while most diets work in the short term, people who lose weight typically fail to keep it off for more than three years. The article cited studies that suggest gaining and losing weight is more harmful than just being overweight… Read more »

The Trees and The Wind

On Friday, we had another nice day at the barn, except Steen was still showing symptoms that there might be foxtails in the hay again. I looked at the new bale they’d put out to replace the last one that had foxtails, and found it chalk full of the offending weed. I talked to the… Read more »

Aiden Assessment

We’ve had Aiden and Oliver for just over a week now, and things continue to go well. For the first several days, I worked with Aiden and Brian worked with Oliver. Aiden has a sweet temperament with a slight inclination towards anxiety. His initial pushiness and tendency to want to walk on top of you… Read more »


We got out to the barn nice and early this morning.  It was still wet, soggy, and cold, but the wind was blowing hard and it was supposed to warm up.  In the mucky lot, Bear came up to me right away.  Again, Laredo was not too keen on hanging out with us.  He started… Read more »

Catch-up: Laredo

One of the downsides of the whole Steen saga is my little sprint to and from the pasture appears to have gotten my old foot injury reaggravated, so I’ve been a bit laid up just like my horse has.¬†Yesterday Brian very kindly went out in the rain to catch Laredo for me, to save me… Read more »

Catch-up: Rowdy

With Laredo’s sore shoulder and Steen’s cut leg, I’ve found myself a bit horseless. Of course Brian is more than happy to share Bear, but Bear is just so much Brian’s horse. And of course me riding Bear means Brian doesn’t ride him. It feels like stealing. But one day when I went out to… Read more »

Low on Energy

Normally when one of us rides Laredo for a while, the other one sees some huge improvement when they get to ride him again.¬† With Steen healing from his leg wound, Robin has spent the last week getting some awesome rides on Laredo.¬† Today we decided to switch, and I was really looking forward to… Read more »

The Kid is Pooped

We’ve had a warm fall, and of our three horses Laredo seems the most inclined to put on a long, thick winter coat the fastest. That means with the sun out and the days warm, he’s been a little hot. Even in the best of times, Laredo isn’t a horse with energy to spare. This… Read more »