We got out to the barn nice and early this morning.  It was still wet, soggy, and cold, but the wind was blowing hard and it was supposed to warm up.  In the mucky lot, Bear came up to me right away.  Again, Laredo was not too keen on hanging out with us.  He started… Read more »

Three Blankets

Today was the epitome of miserable spring weather. We had a cold rain all day, and it was chilly, damp, and breezy. We headed for the barn as soon as Brian got home from work, knowing we’d find some pretty unhappy horses. They were all lined up against the wind block, heads down, butts to… Read more »

Looking for Life

Laredo’s shoulder appears to be healed, so I’ve had two long rides on him. Although at first it seemed like the weeks off didn’t have much of an impact on his training, after a few rides we’ve seen some backsliding. Our biggest challenge with Laredo is lack of energy. I don’t think it’s physical energy. It’s… Read more »

The Kid is Pooped

We’ve had a warm fall, and of our three horses Laredo seems the most inclined to put on a long, thick winter coat the fastest. That means with the sun out and the days warm, he’s been a little hot. Even in the best of times, Laredo isn’t a horse with energy to spare. This… Read more »

Two Rides on Laredo

On Monday we went out thinking we might ride, but ended up mostly just hanging out with Steen. Cleaning his side and leg take a long time, and then he has to dry off a good deal before we can put the Thuja Zinc on again. Since he can’t be in the sun, that limits… Read more »