Summer Riding

Robin posted a while ago about how amazing our July weather was.  It didn’t last.  The second half of the month was very hot, and we didn’t get quite as much riding in.  But now August is back to great temps.  We spent some really long days at the barn this weekend. Saturday’s ride ended… Read more »

Just Me

Robin has been ill for almost a whole week.  We keep waking up thinking she’ll be feeling better, but nope.  Not so.  Today she really didn’t feel up to going to the barn, but she was happy to let me head out. We really ride together a lot.  We used to get more solo rides… Read more »

Surprise Riding Time

We were planning on a trip to Arizona this week, but the flights were not in our favor.  So we ended up staying with my parents for a few days and then heading back to Iowa City.  I could have gone back to work, but I already changed my calendar.  And besides, I’ve got tons… Read more »

Continual Improvement

Things just keep getting better.  Both with riding and with the weather.  I know, it means we’re probably due for some backsliding pretty soon, but I’m not going to dwell on that. Today Robin and I waited just a little while before heading out to the barn so we could enjoy the peak heat of… Read more »

When Things Go Wrong, Simplify

These little words of wisdom come from Dan John.  Dan is one of my favorite people to read for advice on working out and getting fitter.  The reason I love his stuff is because he breaks it down into very digestible chunks and also his advice applies just as directly to life, relationships, and work… Read more »