big pasture

A Good Gallop

We spent the weekend out of town. We went with Brian’s fabulous parents to the Kentucky Derby. In spite of the rather mixed feelings I have about the horse racing industry, it was definitely a fun weekend. Today, I headed out to the barn alone in the afternoon. I found a very filthy Steen. ┬áHis… Read more »

Squishy Ground

I was curious to see how Laredo would be for me today after his long, somewhat difficult ride with Brian yesterday. I expected him to be tired, so was pleasantly surprised when I got on and that was not the case. He was soft to the hackamore and moving out nicely from the start. My… Read more »

Out Again

It was cooler and partly cloudy today, with a chilly breeze, but we were determined to get out and about again. We waited for the day to warm as much as it was going to, then headed for the barn. I rode Steen again. He came to me as soon as I went into the… Read more »

Working the Hilltop

Today was warm. Really warm. So warm we found all the horses standing around looking overheated and miserable. I rode Laredo. I wanted to make sure we included some focused work in our ride. We’ve been just going from point A to point B with him a lot lately, usually in the company of another… Read more »


We’ve been out of town for a few days, which means none of our horses have been ridden. Sometimes when we have our pick of who to ride and we’re not in any sort of pattern, it can be hard to decide. Today I settled on Steen and Brian decided to ride Bear. Seen’s leg… Read more »