Palate Cleanser

Between moving this  blog from Google’s servers onto my own WordPress install and (somewhat ironically, I suppose) working through the process of backing up thousands of my old photos in my Google account, lately I am inundated with photos of the past. It is weird to see old shots of myself on Steen where both… Read more »

Not Immune

I got the sickness.  Sunday afternoon, after my great rides, I could feel it coming on.  Then I missed a few days at work and was a little too weak to get to the barn on the other days. Thankfully Friday I was feeling a little better.  And the weather was really nice.  I didn’t… Read more »

Into Pressure?

Everything you learn about horses involves applying pressure in varying amounts in order to get a response.  And it works extremely well. That is until you get a horse who seeks the pressure.  This is an issue we’ve had with Laredo since we got him.  It does not come up all the time, and it… Read more »

The Run Away

Today I found myself on a run away Laredo.  One moment we were trotting a nice figure eight, and then next moment we were blazing down the strip and off into the soybean field in a full on gallop. It is funny when these things happen. Time slows down and you can see the ground… Read more »

Robin Rides!

I won’t go into too many details, as I’m sure Robin will cover all of those, but Robin had a great time with Laredo today.  He was easy to catch, great with grooming, and very relaxed under saddle.  Since we just got him trimmed we decided to get the stick out and measure him.  He… Read more »

Loose Rein Loping

Friday we rode inside again.  It was another one of those blustery and chilly days that would have been fine to ride outside, but when you’ve got the empty indoor arena right there, why not? And it was a fun ride.  Bear was super soft from the beginning.  He had these wonderfully collected backs and… Read more »