Birthday Season

Like most horses, all of our guys were born in the late spring/early summer. Bear’s birthday is the earliest, and today he turned 18. He does pretty darn well for his age. Other than being slightly more prone to getting stiff and sore than our other two, he really doesn’t seem like he’s in his… Read more »

Actually Warm

We were sweating getting the horses ready yesterday.  It felt pretty darn good, though I am somewhat disappointed that we seem to have gone from a late winter into summer.  I like those nice days in the high 60s.  Oh well. I rode Laredo today.  He was fun and full of energy, but I was… Read more »

All Grown Up (Kind Of)

Laredo has been feeling a lot more mature lately. With his 4th birthday just around the corner, we’ve now owned him almost a quarter of his life. It’s evident in all the little things. He is quiet now, familiar with our routine around the barn. Today, for the first time, I took my leather halter… Read more »

Just Me

Robin has been ill for almost a whole week.  We keep waking up thinking she’ll be feeling better, but nope.  Not so.  Today she really didn’t feel up to going to the barn, but she was happy to let me head out. We really ride together a lot.  We used to get more solo rides… Read more »

A Smooth Ride

We found the herd all wound up today. Laredo came walking right up to us initially but then got swept off with a group of passing horses, after which he decided not to come  back. We haven’t had to reinforce the idea that Laredo should come to us when we look at him for close… Read more »

A Friday at the Barn

We almost didn’t make it out to the barn today.  We had some good mid-week rides, and I’m often tired at the end of the week.  Plus it was cold and wet.  Again. But we rallied, and like always, I was happy we did.  I was even happy to be out when Laredo ran away… Read more »


The sun was out today, and we waited for things to really warm up before heading out to the barn. Our plan was to do a double ride, starting with me on Laredo and Brian on Steen, then switching to me riding Steen and Brian riding Bear. We planned to do the first ride on… Read more »