The Spring Winds Blow

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We are finally getting some warmer weather, and of course it is accompanied by 40+ mile an hour winds.

But we got out there and had a fun ride anyways.  The barn was crowded with it being a vet day and one our boarder’s horses had a cute little filly in the night.

How could you not want to see the baby and her happy momma?

But that also meant we had nowhere to tie while grooming and tacking.  This didn’t bother Laredo in the slightest.  I parked him right next to a manure spread and just got to work.  I hardly had to correct him at all.  There was another three year old there swiveling all over the place, so it was nice to see that our training methods are working.

We rode out on the strip and had a good time.  Laredo’s energy was good.  I really think he’s happy being outside again.  I worked on staying relaxed and only being demanding if he was leaning on the hackamore.  And he hardly leaned at all.  He was also backing like a dream.  I know the deep sand can start to affect Bear’s backing, perhaps it contributes to Laredo’s too?  Impossible to know for sure, but I do know things were working well for us.

In the beginning we spent a lot of time working on softness and getting good circles at the walk, trot, and lope.  This meant for a lot of transitions as well.  He was really happy to move out at the lope and I was surprised we didn’t have any major sticking points in the circle.


As all that was going well for us, we decided to play some cow.  We’ve done this off and on with Laredo.  We usually take it pretty slow as we don’t want him to get frustrated, but today we were moving well.  The stops, backs and turns were all quite nice.  Not perfect, and we did get stuck sometimes, but overall the energy was great.  We even got to the middle on our own, well timed stop and pivot.  That felt good.

We did have a little trouble loping out during the cow game.  We got into it nicely, but then he got grouchy and kept dropping it.  I’d get him going again, but he’d drop it almost immediately.  He seemed extra worried that Steen was right there pushing us, and he even kicked out a couple times.  Robin decided to stop Steen and just let us get our lope working again.  And we did.  After that he seemed great.

We finished the ride by going for a walk around the soybean fields and over to the second strip.  Laredo is always game to go walk about.

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