A Weekend Indoors

We’ve had a lot of storms these past few days, though I suppose we are lucky that we only had to deal with strong winds and some mild thunderstorms.  It was never storming actively when we got out to the barn the past three days, but things were usually cold and damp so we elected… Read more »

More Riding

Wednesdays I usually get off work early, so I’m going to try to make a lot of them barn days. There is a good chance Robin will join me for most of them. I wasn’t sure if she would today, as she got out for a ride with Jean this morning. But after a little… Read more »

Horses are Dangerous

They are big and strong, and the spooky, flighty characteristics that have kept them alive on the plains for centuries can make them unpredictable. And Sham has a little too much unpredictableness. Last week he kicked at a barn worker who was taking food into the pasture. She tried to quietly shoo him away from… Read more »