salad bowl


The sun was out today, and we waited for things to really warm up before heading out to the barn. Our plan was to do a double ride, starting with me on Laredo and Brian on Steen, then switching to me riding Steen and Brian riding Bear. We planned to do the first ride on… Read more »


We had so much fun on yesterday’s ride we decided to more or less repeat it today.  It has been too long since we got out and about, so doing the same thing over again was not a drag at all. I had ridden Bear a few times in a row, so it was my… Read more »

Out Again

It was cooler and partly cloudy today, with a chilly breeze, but we were determined to get out and about again. We waited for the day to warm as much as it was going to, then headed for the barn. I rode Steen again. He came to me as soon as I went into the… Read more »

Spring Break!

I had a work trip to Minneapolis earlier this week, but other than that I’ve taken some days off work because it is spring break.  The weather has been nothing like spring break.  We’ve had rain and snow and single digit temps and some crazy wind that felt right out of Canada. So when today… Read more »

Group Riding

Friday evening we received an email that there would be a morning ride at the barn.  We planned on riding in the morning anyways, so we figured we would tag along. We arrive before most of the others, so we just did our normal thing and headed out to the strip to warm up.  Bear… Read more »

Motoring at the Walk

Today we went out for a fairly long (for us) trail ride.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day.  We received a little cold rain yesterday, and that helped green things up some.  But today was in the low 60s with a bright, blue sky. As soon as I hopped on Bear I knew he was… Read more »

Back to the Salad Bowl

I figure I should provide an update on the game.  It has been two weeks since I started using the game to get Bear to come to me in the pasture.  Every time I’ve gone out I’ve used it, and I keep seeing improvement.  He is not coming to me right away, but he does… Read more »