Robin had a great ride on Laredo Sunday.  After her energetic and surprisingly good ride on Zoey, she found Laredo decidedly lacking in the try department.  She had already decided to try him in the snaffle again, and she was happy she did.  It allowed her to correct and encourage him in a way that… Read more »

One Year Later

We’ve now had Laredo for exactly one year. At times it has been rough, but it has also been extremely educational. In that time we’ve gotten over the ear issue, had a few bucks and runaways, taught him how to lope some circles, and become close enough that he will sometimes run to us in… Read more »

Saturday Swap

It rained all day Friday, so we didn’t ride. We were supposed to get more rain today, but it was dry in the morning. We decided to head to the barn before things could get worse. The bales are a little low, and we found the herd rather chilly and unhappy. I planned to bring… Read more »