A Good Gallop

We spent the weekend out of town. We went with Brian’s fabulous parents to the Kentucky Derby. In spite of the rather mixed feelings I have about the horse racing industry, it was definitely a fun weekend. Today, I headed out to the barn alone in the afternoon. I found a very filthy Steen.  His… Read more »

New Year!

Got my first ride of the year in today.  It was super cold and snowy, but we had a pretty good time.  I rode Zoey, and she was happy to come in and was very relaxed.  But under saddle, she was a little more tense.  She had two spooks.  I have no idea what caused… Read more »

All Grown Up (Kind Of)

Laredo has been feeling a lot more mature lately. With his 4th birthday just around the corner, we’ve now owned him almost a quarter of his life. It’s evident in all the little things. He is quiet now, familiar with our routine around the barn. Today, for the first time, I took my leather halter… Read more »

Spring Fever?

Today we got back to town from a trip to Chicago. We were exhausted, as the trip involved the arrival of our new niece and a lot of quality time with our 2-year-old nephew. But we rallied and got to the barn, and decided to ride Steen and Bear to keep things easy. We started… Read more »

The Run Away

Today I found myself on a run away Laredo.  One moment we were trotting a nice figure eight, and then next moment we were blazing down the strip and off into the soybean field in a full on gallop. It is funny when these things happen. Time slows down and you can see the ground… Read more »

What Didn’t Happen

Brian and I seem to have developed a not particularly wonderful habit of having riding accidents in the fall. It started the year we got Bear – 2010. I had a horrible crash on Halloween. Then Brian came off hard our very next ride. I suffered a concussion and Brian’s shoulder bothered him for months.… Read more »

Haunch Magic

I’ve decided there are three things I need to refine with Steen before we go back into the hackamore. These are: short-serpentines whirly-gigs lope transitions We’ve got a really good handle on the first two. In fact today we were pretty much nailing those every time I asked. So we spent a lot of the… Read more »

This is November?

Today found Brian and me at one of the oddest stores in town. Buying grain. To haul to the barn. Luckily this was possible, since all our tack is no longer in my trunk, but rather in a tack locker. The weather has been gloriously, unseasonably warm the last few days. We found Steen and… Read more »