He Finally Arrives

I know we only had to wait a few days once we made an offer, but it really felt like much longer before Laredo finally arrived.  Waiting just never gets easier, so we went out to the barn early and just decided to ride. Last week, during one of my many sessions of poking around… Read more »

Laredo Arrives

Since we were out of town all weekend, we had to wait until Monday for our horse delivery. We’ve decided to call him Laredo. We headed out to the barn right after work, mostly to distract ourselves from the excitement. We rode on the strip. Brian read an article about using a cut-out pad backwards… Read more »

The New Guy

It’s been a busy week. Between catching up with my sister, riding, and horse-shopping, the time has been flying. On May 1st we drove south of town to check out a breeder with several young Quarter Horses for sale. We walked out into the pasture and soon we had seven or eight friendly horses a… Read more »

A Three Horse Family

We’ve had a nice week with Meryl visiting.  She has had some good barn time on Steen and a little on Bear, too.  While we were giving Bear some rest, we also did a little horse shopping. Like many horse people, I periodically look at what is for sale in the area.  For a couple… Read more »