Laredo Weekend

With Zoey out of commission, we were down to three horses for the weekend. We decided to focus on getting Laredo out and covering some ground. His tight hocks seem better, and he’s actually getting a tad chunky. Yesterday Brian rode Laredo and I rode Steen and we were out for over two hours. It… Read more »

June Recap

Well, so June happened. So far this summer, we’ve been riding a lot. In May my total was over 28 hours. I’ve never ridden that much in a month before. At least, not since I’ve been keeping track. And honestly probably not since before I was keeping track, either. June has been not quite as… Read more »

Doing What It Takes

We stopped at the barn on the way to Chicago today. It was still soggy, still overgrown. So we rode inside. But we had the place to ourselves. That makes a big difference. I rode Laredo. I started off with some groundwork with the flag. Brian and I have both been trying very  hard lately… Read more »

The Kid Turns Four

Yesterday as we rode in off the trail with the sun shining, I was envisioning a wondrous three day weekend of double ride days. Instead we woke up this morning to thunder and heavy rain, not to mention unseasonably cool temps. We waited. The rain didn’t stop. We checked the radar. One storm rolled out… Read more »

Steady Laredo

Robin and I were both tired heading out to the barn.  It was a cool and cloudy day; I’m sure that wasn’t helping. We did feel better once we got out there and grabbed our horses.  It is funny how steady and even Laredo feels after working with Zoey.  Not only have we known him… Read more »