The sun was out today, and we waited for things to really warm up before heading out to the barn. Our plan was to do a double ride, starting with me on Laredo and Brian on Steen, then switching to me riding Steen and Brian riding Bear. We planned to do the first ride on… Read more »

Busy Weekend

We had a lot to get done this weekend, largely of the “preparing for the holidays” variety. Saturday was dreary and rainy. It was pretty much wet all day, and instead of going to the barn we got copious amounts of very “responsible adult” types things done, like cleaning the house, and finishing our Christmas… Read more »


With my new saddle theoretically due any day now, Brian and I decided it might be nice to have a spare saddle that will fit Steen in case we have guests who are good riders but perhaps not comfortable in a treeless saddle. We’ve been watching ebay, and late last week we made our move.… Read more »

No Miracles

Brian and I were both looking forward to seeing how Bear went in the new saddle again, so on Wednesday we went out for another ride. We brought both the boys in and I hopped on Steen bareback. Meanwhile Brian tacked up and did groundwork. Bear was great and we still had high hopes for… Read more »

Oh, Deer

On Friday, Steen and I hit the trails again, and things didn’t go so well. We started out with a mistake on my part. I assumed he’d be ok walking past a car he spooked at a few days ago. But he wasn’t. Within two minutes of the start of the ride, he’d treated me… Read more »