Birthday Ride!

Yesterday was my birthday.  I took the day off work so I could fully enjoy it.  I had a leisurely morning of opening gifts, drinking coffee and eating a nice breakfast.  Then I had a hard workout and even squeezed in a short nap.  In the afternoon we went out to the barn before going… Read more »

What A Year

Sometimes it seems the years go so fast. But at other times you look back on what’s changed in 365 days and it blows your mind. Today is my birthday. (I’m thirtysomething.) Last year on this day Brain gave me a hackamore. It was the first hackamore either of us had ever owned. It took… Read more »

Ridin’ High

We were out of town Thursday thru Monday. We went to the Chicago area to audit a Martin Black clinic, which was great. The setting was small and intimate, only eight riders and a handful of auditors. Martin gave all the riders a lot of one on one attention, and we learned a whole lot… Read more »

Halfway There

The year is half over, which is hard to believe for all sorts of reasons. So far we’re on track for our 150 hours in the saddle goal. As of the end of the day today, I’m at exactly 75 hours. A couple years ago I started keeping track of my time spent riding. I… Read more »

Best Yet

By far.  Laredo was wonderful today.  He walked right up to me in the pasture, and things just got better from there.  Working around his head with the flymask and headstall, grooming, and leading were all really great. I suppose the only not so great moments occured with groundwork.  We are improving a lot with… Read more »

New Mecate

A few weeks ago I ordered a new hackamore set up.  It took a little while to get it because they had to make the mecate.  Of course, in that time we revisited the clinic and I learned all kinds of things I needed to practice in the snaffle.  So I just switched mecates so… Read more »