the routine

Um, Spring Break? Hello?

Today we woke up to snow, and it continued to snow throughout the morning.  So we just headed out for the barn right away less we lose motivation or get stuck in the afternoon crowds. The guys were all tucked up against the windblock.  I grabbed Bear and then got Laredo for Robin while she… Read more »

Frigid March

Today the farrier was out, so there were a bunch of people at the barn to get their horses feet done. Brian and I got there early to fit in a ride before it was our turn. I rode Steen. It was a super cold morning, and he was riled up and snorty when we… Read more »

More Energy

Bear has always been an extremely dependable horse.  I can count on him to more or less go where I want him to and in the gait I want him to.  He rarely spooks or gets frazzled, and he is always friendly. What I do struggle with is getting him to move out with more… Read more »

Cruisin on Laredo

We had our best ride together since sometime early in the fall.  After that I wasn’t riding him a lot due to Steen’s injury.  Then we had our couple of run-away moments just before the holidays (apparently I didn’t blog about the second one).  They were excellent learning experiences, but they definitely set my Laredo… Read more »


We probably could have ridden outside today as it was warmish and dry, but I was pretty tired and I also felt like another ride indoors on Laredo would be a good to build on the things we worked on last time. We started with a difficult bridling. There was some dried dirt and ickiness… Read more »

Back on the Kid

We’re definitely having a somewhat lackadaisical start the year in terms of riding. But the weather is never great in January, so we tend to figure we’ll get out there when we get out there and not worry too much about how often it is. Today it was time to get Laredo going again. Ever since he… Read more »