Outdoor Arena

One Armed Ride

Today I woke up pretty stiff. I’ve been trying to piece together how exactly I hit the ground. Since I had no warning and didn’t actually leave the saddle before impact, it’s surprisingly difficult to piece together what happened and where my injuries are. I think I sprawled with one arm above my head. I… Read more »

A Snaffle and a Rope

One of my long-term horsemanship goals is to get handy with a rope. This is partly because I think it would be neat to work with cattle in the future, but also because using a rope adds a whole extra level of sophistication to your riding. When I watch riders who not only have perfect… Read more »

Steady Laredo

Robin and I were both tired heading out to the barn.  It was a cool and cloudy day; I’m sure that wasn’t helping. We did feel better once we got out there and grabbed our horses.  It is funny how steady and even Laredo feels after working with Zoey.  Not only have we known him… Read more »