What A Year

Sometimes it seems the years go so fast. But at other times you look back on what’s changed in 365 days and it blows your mind. Today is my birthday. (I’m thirtysomething.) Last year on this day Brain gave me a hackamore. It was the first hackamore either of us had ever owned. It took… Read more »

Ridin’ High

We were out of town Thursday thru Monday. We went to the Chicago area to audit a Martin Black clinic, which was great. The setting was small and intimate, only eight riders and a handful of auditors. Martin gave all the riders a lot of one on one attention, and we learned a whole lot… Read more »

Shaping the Bosal

I feel like the last few months I’ve been on some sort of bizarre accelerated learning curve. I have so many new tools to manage and understand, it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed. Learning to use all this new equipment also means learning to prepare it for us. A bosal doesn’t come in the… Read more »


Today I rode again in the hackamore. Things overall went fine, except for one thing. Overall, Steen was quite stiff in the neck. He wasn’t stiff when I asked for a big bend, only when bending through shallow turns. He was moving nicely through his body, but it felt like his neck was just rigid.… Read more »