Not-Highly-Exciting Video

Nevada in Action

As I mentioned a few posts ago, Steen and I have been acting as a sort of mobile round pen for Brian and Nevada sometimes. When I’m setting a boundary and a cadence, Brian can worry less about those things and think more about keeping her in a proper bend and getting her more comfortable… Read more »

A Little Video

Today I had to work all day, even though it was nearly 60 degrees out for the first time this year. I can’t complain, really. The flexibility of my job is the reason I was able to pick up two new horses on Tuesday, then give a presentation at the university yesterday followed by an… Read more »

Finally, 200

[Herd update: Things appear to have equalized. I’m not 100% confident this whole thing is behind us. But I’m like 80% confident. So that is something.] In some ways, this year has had some setbacks. Nothing major, but a glance back over 2013 seems to reveal a number of things that didn’t go quite the… Read more »

Hightlights From Tuesday

On Tuesday Robin grabbed some not-highly-exciting-video of me working Bear when I was trying to keep things light and stay off his head as he’s still got a pretty big lump from being kicked in the neck and chest. We’ve been working on this for a lot of months now.  I used to have to… Read more »