Hot and Bothered

With the lull we’ve had in our riding, I’m trying to maintain a pretty relaxed attitude as both Steen and I get back into the swing of things. Today it was in the 70’s, and the ground was mushy and the wind was blowing. I wanted to ride my horse but I didn’t want to… Read more »

The Spring Skinnies

Yesterday was so windy and damp, and we’re so out of the habit of riding, we somehow let the day go by without ever making it to the barn. So today we were determined to go right after breakfast so we couldn’t talk ourselves out of it. It was cold and we had a light… Read more »

Stall Time

We swung by the barn on our way out of town on Sunday to take Jesse and Susie back to Chicago. I checked on Steen’s leg. The cut looked about the same. The swelling was no worse. So I put more neosporin and wound powder on and felt pretty unconcerned about it. But then we… Read more »

Anniversary Ride

Brian and I have now officially been married for two whole years, so we decided to celebrate by spending the early afternoon at the barn. It is warmer today, though still super mucky, but we brought the boys in and cleaned them up. We wanted them to run around a little in the indoor arena… Read more »

And Again!

Today I went to the barn and found Steen and the pasture herd were back out in 15+ acres of grass. He and his buddies had clearly been gorging themselves for many hours, and as a consequence he was a bit gassy and grumpy when I brought him indoors. He was also stiff in the… Read more »

What A Day

Today was fall vet day. I’d planned to get Steen’s teeth done, as it’s been a year. I hadn’t been out to the barn since Wednesday, and Brian and I decided to go early so we could get a little ride in before the chaos started. Well, we’ll just say sometimes things don’t go as… Read more »