Getting to Know Aiden

Now that Brian and I have four horses again, we’re settling into a rhythm. We’ve divided our guys into ‘strings’ for the time being. I’m going to be working with Steen and Aiden for a chunk of time, while Brian is primarily in charge of Laredo and Oliver. I rode Aiden for the first time… Read more »

R & R

We’ve had a few days off riding. The end of the week was busy as I was trying to get as much work done as humanly possible to prepare for hopefully working hardly at all next week (my sister is visiting). Also, Bear’s back has been sore. He has one spot that has gotten flared… Read more »

A Pasture Ride

It is one of the strangest truths about horses that they need both consistency and variety to really flourish. While both people and horses are reassured by routine, falling into the habit of doing everything the same way for long periods can lead to dullness. Our barn doesn’t have much of ¬†an outdoor arena, and… Read more »

Holey… Horse?

I have been making it out to the barn more consistently again lately, though not as much as I was managing in the summer. For one thing, the cold hurts a little, and for another, vitzy’s has actually kind of been booming, which is great in many ways, but does cut into my horse time.… Read more »

Packin’ it On

I have only been making it out the barn every few days lately, partly because I have wanted to let Steen adjust to his new lifestyle without demanding too much of him and partly because I’ve just been busy. Brian and I went out on Friday, and Steen was already starting to look a little… Read more »