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Yesterday was so windy and damp, and we’re so out of the habit of riding, we somehow let the day go by without ever making it to the barn. So today we were determined to go right after breakfast so we couldn’t talk ourselves out of it.

It was cold and we had a light dusting of freezy snow on Friday. The pasture is in a horrible state of half frozen mud and shallow pools with a thin layer of ice over them, all under a dusting of snow. Not very inviting, and clearly the horses have hardly been moving. Also, the hay they’ve been getting lately doesn’t seem to be very exciting or something, because all the pasture horses are losing weight. Not so much that it is worrisome at all, and they are all clearly eating, but truth be told the pasture herd has been on the chubby side all winter. Not so much now. Even Bear is looking thin, which is kind of good actually because we would like to get him to a place where he is habitually about the weight he is right now.

You can’t really tell in this shot but Bear is pretty lean.

Bear was stiff and Steen was antsy. We gave them a snack and took or time grooming. We rode for 40 minutes, just working on the basics and getting them limbered up again. Steen and I did mostly work at the trot, with a teeny bit of loping thrown in. Steen was mostly good though not very motivated and prone to veering towards Bear whenever he had an opening. But we had some good moments, and it was great to be riding again. I’m hoping this is my last long lull for a good long while.

We got some good stops and backs.
And some good trots.


We stood around a fair bit too.

Ride Time: 0:40
Horseback hours YTD: 9:55

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