Thanksgiving Ride

For the first time ever, Brian and I stayed in Iowa City for Thanksgiving. The reasons we stayed home were numerous and not worth going into, but the upshot was we had nothing to do other than whatever we wanted. No family of the non-equine variety to hang out with, no obligatory traditions. So, of… Read more »

Hot and Bothered

With the lull we’ve had in our riding, I’m trying to maintain a pretty relaxed attitude as both Steen and I get back into the swing of things. Today it was in the 70’s, and the ground was mushy and the wind was blowing. I wanted to ride my horse but I didn’t want to… Read more »

Happy to be Back

This Thanksgiving I experienced one of the greatest holidays injustices imaginable. I came down with the stomach flu 20 minutes before Thanksgiving dinner. I managed roughly four bites of turkey, a few spoonfuls of mashed potatoes and peas, and two forkfuls of apple pie. Then I had to lie down and suffer for several hours. I went to… Read more »


We’ve got a storm system rolling in that is supposed to drop a lot of freezing rain and snow over the next couple of days. The wet psuedo-freezing temps have historically been harder on Steen than any other kind of weather, so yesterday I spent the morning repairing a hole in the lining of his… Read more »

Back in the Wug

I didn’t have time for a ride today, but last night the low got into the 30’s, the day never warmed considerably and tonight is supposed to get down to 28. The pasture horses are still out on the smaller pasture and Steen has more or less finished shedding. I knew he’d be uncomfortable, so… Read more »

Four Short Rides

Ok, well, the title of this post might be a bit of an exaggeration. But only a bit. In the last two days I’ve been to the barn twice and I’ve ridden both of our horses both times. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually done that before. Yesterday my mission was to spend a while… Read more »

Cold and Wet

Today it rained for most of the morning and then the rain shifted to snow. Temps started to fall just after noon and tonight the lows are supposed to be in the teens. Although Bear has actually manged to put on weight as the weather has gotten colder (he’s apparently the definition of an easy-keeper),… Read more »

Double Ride Day

I was in my office working around 10:00 when the sun came out. I looked out the window and realized it was a lovely, cloudy fall day and also it was surprisingly warm. I decided to play hookie for a bit, particularly since we still needed to try Steen’s blanket on Bear to make sure… Read more »

It’s Been Awhile

A few weeks ago I had another fall off Bear (which Robin wrote about here). It was by far my hardest fall yet. It left my left shoulder, hips, and ribs feeling pretty bad. Bad enough that I haven’t felt up to getting back out there for some riding, or for doing anything much more… Read more »

More Nerves, More Wugs

Brian is still suffering from a sore shoulder and doesn’t feel up to riding again yet, but we’ve had the wug we purchased for Bear sitting around for a while now and we keep forgetting to take it to the barn with us. Today we decided we really needed to go try it on him… Read more »