Time with the Kid

Since Brian has mostly taken over riding Zoey lately, I’ve been spending lots of time with Laredo. And it’s been neat in a number of ways. Since we got him a year and a half ago, Brian and I have switched back and forth working with Laredo consistently, usually alternating rides. While this is great… Read more »

Spurs on Steen

We had more storms today, so were stuck inside again. We brought Bear and Steen in, thinking we’d have a nice, relaxing ride. But these storms have been cool, and the horses get pretty tense in this kind of weather. Both of them were a tad ansty while we were getting them ready. I have… Read more »

Cool, Sunny Trail Ride

In spite of having rather cushy work-weeks, Brian and I were both pretty tired heading out to the barn today. In the car, we chatted about what to do, and eventually agreed it would be nice to just take our two most solid ponies and hit the trail. We tacked up Steen and Bear, and… Read more »

Thirty More Minutes

I enjoyed my solo trip to the barn so much yesterday I decided to do the same thing again today. We takes loads of photos. Only every now and then do we get a good one. It was another beautiful day, and I had another wonderful ride. The herd was scattered and waaay way out… Read more »

Back in the Side Pen

On Sunday when we put Bear back in the pasture, I noticed Steen was favoring his wounded leg for the first time since the day of the injury. This didn’t make me happy, but I told myself he could have just tweaked the scab or something. In the last two days, however, things have gone… Read more »

Feelin’ It

This was the day: Sunny and in the low 70s. Beautiful. It started with me attempting to familiarization myself and Steen with a rope. He was fine with it coiled. I could bang it all around his saddle and body. When I started swinging it around he wasn’t as cool with it, though I couldn’t tell if… Read more »