Cold Snap

We had a few days of pretty chilly temps, but on Tuesday Brian and I decided to ride anyway. It wasn’t that cold, according to the thermometer, but the wind was just bitter. Both herds were riled up when we arrived, particularly the stall herd was just tearing around in their pasture. We tacked up indoors and… Read more »

Alone and Indoors

Work has exploded the last couple of weeks. Which is a good thing because the summer was on the quiet side. But I’m spending a lot more time chained to the computer than has started to feel normal lately. Yesterday I sat down at my desk around 8am and around 1:30pm I was feeling the… Read more »

Sub-par Saddle

Today I decided to throw my saddle back on Steen. I did this for a few different reasons, one of them just being curiosity. I’ve always known the saddle was not an ideal fit for him, but I guess I wasn’t convinced it was a horrible fit either. Still, Steen has been so quiet lately… Read more »

A Ride in the Sun

We had crazy winds here all morning but by late afternoon things had settled enough that we headed out to see how the boys were doing. Steen was a bit jumpy during tacking, but Bear was back in awesome mode. I gave Steen some chopped hay and we took our time grooming them in the… Read more »